Children are busily growing and learning about the world around them every single day. Give them the best start to life by helping them appreciate lots of different healthy foods.

You can do this by:

  • Eating healthily. We are our children’s most important role models, so if you’re not eating your vegetables, you can’t expect them too, either.
  • Eat together. Food can be a great social event and sitting down together teaches our children about the value of enjoying a good meal with friends and family.
  • Eat the same. Separate meals are time consuming and unnecessary.
  • Use colour. Children love vibrant, diverse colours on their plate. You can also get creative and make pictures – making them laugh and have fun with their food.
  • Show them where food comes from. Have a garden in your backyard or visit a nearby garden or farm so that your children don’t miss out on gaining important knowledge about the connections that occur from farm to fork.
  • Be savvy about the products you by for children. We are all exposed to food marketing, and it works. Read food labels to help choose the “true” best option for your child.
  • Provide plenty of fruits and vegetables. They provide the ideal healthy snack and are environmentally friendly – just think, a banana comes in its own wrapper, so too does an orange and a mandarin, and all fruit peels are totally recyclable. An important point for today’s socially conscious kid!

With their growing bodies children particularly need to eat fresh fruit
and vegetables. 

  • Contain many vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy bone and cell development.
  • Play an important part in supporting the energy levels required for active minds and healthy bodies.
  • Provide lots of “roughage” which helps the digestive system.
  • Help with maintenance of healthy body weight.
  • Help to support the immune system and protect against disease.

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Growing Bodies Recipe

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