Marriage is an important occasion in anyone’s life. When you make the choice to spend your life with that special someone, each year that goes by is a testament to that loving unification that was your wedding day.

A wedding anniversary is the opportunity to celebrate how much you love each other, how strong your marriage is, how long you have been married for, and how you have withstood the tests of time, together. It is a promise to build on that love for another year and the best way to show you mean that promise is with anniversary flowers.

Flowers are usually a part of relationships from the beginning. From that first date to Valentine’s Day to birthdays, right through to the wedding day. It is only befitting that your anniversary be marked with a beautiful fresh floral arrangement.

Flowers are a universal way to celebrate wedding anniversaries, and each flower has it’s own meaning. For every year of your wedding anniversary there is a traditional anniversary flower to offer to the one you love.



Flowers, with their combined beauty, vitality, colour and scent are an appropriate means to express our emotions, desires and heartfelt feelings. Without knowing anything about flowers, they are still a beautiful and meaningful gift, but there is so much more to flowers. The natural diversity of flowers helps us communicate a wide variety of sentiments, conveying a message where words may fall short. Sometimes delicate, sometimes robust, flowers transcend language and cultural boundaries to deliver a poignant emotional statement.

The idea that flower bunches or arrangements conveyed a series of secret meanings between lovers was popularised in Europe, especially France, in the early 1800s. This ‘secret’ language using flowers was first introduced into Europe through the letters of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu in 1718. This romantic notion that lovers could speak with each other through a ‘secret’ language quickly gained favour in 18th century Europe.

The language of flowers has evolved to the present-day where thoughtful sentiment and powerful emotion are still communicated with carefully selected flowers.


If your wedding anniversary flower is unavailable speak to your local florist for alternatives.


Along with traditional wedding anniversary flowers are wedding anniversary gifts. Below is a list of both traditional and modern versions of the type of present usually given to your other half every time you reach another wedding milestone.