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Kids Fruit Juice Cocktail

Fresh fruit juice is so delicious, and with an electric fruit extractor you can create superb cocktails. Try a mixture of pineapple and orange, strawberries and watermelon or kiwi fruit and apple. Add a little yoghurt to the mixed juice and you get an even more nourishing drink.


Kids Love Smooth Soups

A smooth soup is a great way for families to consume several vegetables. The best smooth soups are made with at least two vegetables, e.g. carrot and potato, leek and pumpkin, celery and sweet potato. The liquid to cook the soup can be water or a vegetable, chicken or beef stock.


Cool Stewed Fruits

The secret of exciting stewed fruits lies in the contrast of texture between the fruits once they are cooked. Flavour stewed fruits with lemon or orange peel, vanilla, cinnamon or star anise. Fruits can be stewed in water or fruit juice, such as apple or orange juice. The fruits must be cooked by simmering rather than boiling too fast.


Cereal with Fruit

Nobody with a high-energy lifestyle can afford to miss breakfast. Choose a cereal that is high in fibre but low in fat and sugar. Enjoy it with low-fat milk, yoghurt or cottage cheese and top it with a variety of seasonal fruits – in spring, cherries and strawberries; in summer, mangoes and stone fruits; in autumn, grapes and pears; in winter, oranges and pawpaw.


Fruit Platter for Kids

Most kids adore fruit, but to get them to eat more of it, prepare fruit in attractive ways – cut into pieces or into cubes, on sticks, etc. Prior to cutting up, wash fruits briefly in cold water. Introduce different varieties of fruit from time to time and turn your platter into a surprise treat.


Fruit Salads

Start fruit salads by placing the juice of freshly squeezed oranges in a bowl. Add small pieces of fresh, seasonal fruits. It’s more delicious and fun if you can create a contrast of colour and texture, e.g. strawberries, kiwifruit, pawpaw, banana, passionfruit. If you need to make a fruit salad ahead of time, gently stir in 1 or 2 tbsp sugar or honey. Then cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate. Remember to peel or wash fruit always before use.


Kids Lunch Box

Provide fresh fruit (whole or in pieces), vegetables either grated or cut into sticks, cold lean meat, cheese and wholemeal or wholegrain bread.
Make sure the food is easy to eat and packed carefully so that it doesn’t dry out or bruise.
Vary lunch from one day to the next and provide a non-sweetened drink or cold water bottle.


After-School Snacks

It’s the time for a glass of fresh fruit juice and some yoghurt with fruit, cheese and vegetable sticks. Yum!