General Description/History

Noted for its beautiful scent, Bouvardia are made up of loose clusters of tubular star-like flowers fringed with leaves and carried on tall stalks. They can be single or double flowers, and are found in red, pink, white and, rarely, yellow. All are wonderfully scented, but the perfume of the white B. humboldtii is particularly strong. The leaves are dark green and form whorls just under the flowers. Stems are short – 20 to 30 cm commonly.

Most commonly grown in glasshouses in the hills east of Melbourne and west of Sydney.

What to look for

  • Flowers should be open and brightly coloured.
  • Although these flowers are tropical, and do not need refrigeration, they should be kept inside and not placed outside the shop.

Flower Care

  1. Recut at least 2 cm off each stem and place in water immediately.
  2. A preservative is recommended, but not essential.
  3. Replace vase water every day as they are thirsty flowers.
  4. Flowers are very sensitive to ethylene which caused flower drop. Keep them away from fruit, car exhausts and cigarette smoke.

Botanical Name: Bouvardia leiantha, B. humboldtii (perfumed white)

Common Names: Bouvardia

Stem Length: 20 to 30 cm

Country of Origin: Mexico

Available Colours: Pink, Red, White, Yellow

Season: Summer,Autumn,Winter

Availability: January,February,March,April,May,June,July